Palliative Care & More in Houston & Katy, TX

We provide in home hospice services for many diseases and terminal illnesses. At Medcore Preferred Hospice, we believe in caring for the patients and their families, caregivers, and loved ones. Our aim is to improve patients’ quality of life and make them as comfortable as possible. We accept hospice referrals if you believe your loved one could benefit from our care. We also offer Medicaid hospice so that you don’t have to worry about affordability when it comes to end of life care.

Rely on our Medicare Hospice services.

  • Disease progression 
  • Continued decline in functional ability, such as needing more help with bathing, food preparation, etc.
  • Patient declines further disease-directed therapy
Alzheimer’s Disease 
  • ADL assistance required 
  • Incontinence of bowel or bladder 
  • Recent hospital visits or recurrent infections 
  • Lack of meaningful verbal communication 
Cardiovascular Disease
  • Shortness of breath with exertion, tires or fatigues easily 
  • Ejection fraction 20% or less 
  • Recurrent symptoms of CHF 
  • Poor response to maximum medical management with diuretics and vasodilators 
Palliative Care Houston, TX
  • Weight loss 
  • Decreased ability to care for self 
  • Chronic persistent diarrhea 
  • Changes in lab values  
Respiratory Disease
  • HX of frequent ER visits 
  • Respiratory failure or infections 
  • Oxygen dependent 
  • Poor response to bronchodilators
Liver / Renal Disease
  • Abnormal liver enzymes / Jaundice 
  • Ascites 
  • No longer receiving dialysis 
  • Confusion, obtunded 
  • Intractable nausea and vomiting 
  • Intractable fluid overload  
Neurological Disease
(CVA, Parkinson’s, ALS)
  • Unable to ambulate alone 
  • ADL assistance required 
  • Limited speech 
  • Increased weakness 
  • Incontinence of bowel or bladder 
  • Weight loss 
Health Care & Support
If your loved one is facing a terminal illness or disease, our in home hospice services can help provide professional health care and support. Contact us today to begin services.
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