Inpatient Services atKaty Hospices in the Katy, TX Area

At Medcore Preferred Hospice, we offer quality inpatient care depending on the needs of each individual patient. At our Katy Hospices, we strive to improve the quality of life for you and help you stay comfortable during a challenges of a terminal illness.
Inpatient Respite Care
For those times you and your caregiver or family member need a brief break, inpatient respite care is an option. It includes short term inpatient care at a CMS-certified nursing facility, usually for a maximum of five days in ninety day intervals.
Hospice Care Katy, TX

General Inpatient Respite & Hospice Care

Sometimes pain management and symptom relief cannot be controlled at home. General inpatient respite is short-term care provided in an approved hospice facility, hospital, or nursing home to stabilize the family member before returning back to the home environment.
For more information about our levels of care and what would be best for your loved one, contact us.
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