Quality Hospice Care serving Katy, TX

Katy, TX is located just a short drive from the Houston area. This area began as an open prairie and was occupied by the Karankawa Indian tribe. The land was used by the tribe for hunting and became the winter feeding grounds for a variety of animals including buffalo herds, flocks of ducks and geese, longhorn cattle, deer and other animals. 

Early settlement here dates back to 1872 when a community known as Cane Island emerged near the Cane Island Creek that runs through the area. The creek was filled with cane that people believe to have been planted for fur trappers by earlier residents. The creek was surrounded by lands with tall grass, which is how the area received its name. 
 In 1895, the railroad was beginning to be built, running through town. The MKT Railroad, often called the KATY railroad, brought new people to town and by the early 1900s, many families began establishing their home in Katy, TX. This sparked the expansion of the town with hotels, stores, saloons, and more. Farms were successful in growing cotton and peanuts. Katy became an official municipality in 1945. 

We offer a variety of services for hospice care at home.

Today, the town is home to about 15,000 residents. As many of these residents are getting older, the need for medical care is present. At Medcore Preferred Hospice, we offer quality hospice care and in home hospice services to those in need. We offer care for those diagnosed with cancer and have a decline in functional abilities, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, neurological disease and more. 

We understand how medical complications can cause stress, anxiety and confusion within your family. That is why we do our best to help. If your loved one is facing a terminal illness or disease, our in home hospice services can help provide professional health care and support. Contact us today to begin services.
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